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Philomath Real Estate

Philomath is a beautiful and thriving city that enjoys the mild climate and scenic attractions of the mid-Willamette Valley. This small city is nestled at the base of Mary’s Peak in the Oregon Coastal Range and has a population of 4,630 people. Philomath was named after the famous and historical Philomath College, which was founded in 1867. The college still stands today and has been restored for the population to enjoy its historical significance. Since then, the city has experienced rapid growth and has provided a high quality of life for those who decide to live within the Philomath community.

The residential areas of Philomath have been ever growing because many people who work in nearby communities choose to live in Philomath over neighboring areas. The city is in close proximity with Corvallis and the surrounding areas of Benton County. Another pull associated with the town is the incredible schools within in the Philomath School District. There are a total of six schools and each of them is devoted to academic excellence, making Philomath an appealing location for families. Philomath is known for its educated population and high standards for its students and community. The name Philomath is derived from two Greek words meaning “lover of learning” or “scholar”.

The occupants of Philomath are dedicated to excellence but they also have the ability to relish in the city through different attractions hosted during the year. There is the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo, which is held during the second full weekend in July. The Benton County fair is also a prevalent attraction that is held just minutes away in Corvallis. Some other fun things to do in the city are to visit Blaskesley Creek Farm, Philomath City Park, Mary’s River Park, Philomath Park reservations, Harris Covered Bridge, and the Benton County Museum.

Those who have been to Philomath know that it has gorgeous natural surroundings. There are often sightseers who come to enjoy Philomaths peaceful natural areas. Many people who live there enjoy hiking and mountain biking on Mary’s Peak. Those who like to fish find that Philomath is a prime catching location. As for the wine lovers, Philomath provides prime wine tasting activities because of the fortunate grape growing conditions in the mid Willamette valley. The vineyards and wineries of Benton County provide entertainment to locals and visitors alike.

The Food in Philomath is exceptional. One major attraction to those who are Gluten free is Philomath’s Eats & Treats Café. This café is entirely Gluten free which is lovely for those with allergies to Gluten! Some other great restaurants to enjoy while in Philomath are The Garden Room at Gathering Together Farm, NutCakes, Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant, and Woodsman. There are many more restaurants that locals love to enjoy, Philomath has a very diverse variety of foods which is a beloved quality recognized by many who have been there.

Philomath has a lively youth sports program, and high school athletics are usually very competitive in the state. Because it is a small town, the residents support the teams, which can be fun for any local. Philomath residents can also enjoy the perks of being next to the Oregon State University Beavers! Catching home games and supporting a local Pac 12 team is something many people in Philomath enjoy.

Philomath is rich in history and holds its worth in education and knowledge. The city is the perfect location for families, young adults, or those looking to settle down in an enriching and calm area. Philomath has a remarkable school district for children and parents to enjoy together. There are many amusing activities for locals such as outdoor activities, and local rodeos. Those who enjoy sports will find many advantages to living in Philomath due to its popularity. This city is a catch and would provide a beneficial home to anyone.

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