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Independence Real Estate

Independence Neighborhood Guide

Independence is a city of 9,655 inhabitants located 17 miles from Salem, 1 hour from the coast and 1 hour from Portland, is a lively and friendly rural area with a strong feeling for the place. Independence’s bustling downtown is situated on the beautiful Willamette River and provides great opportunities for antiques, dining and entertainment.

The amenities are good! This is also helped by state College Western Oregon University in the neighboring city of Monmouth. There is a residential airpark, a waterfront park, a movie theater, a bowling alley, and good grocery shopping (Roths and Winco). Concerning education, Independence and Monmouth both share a school district (Central 13J). Independence has two primary schools within the city borders, Henry Hill and Independence Elementary, and the two communities share Talmadge Middle School and Central High School, both of which are located in Independence on the border with Monmouth.

The Independence region is the home of some incredible performers and artists. The Ash Creek Arts Center, which was established in 2013, offers people of all ages and abilities the chance to explore, discover and enjoy the performing, literary and artistic arts. The Independence Amphitheater offers a regular schedule of free concerts, movies and comedy performances during the summer, as well as music festivals and other events.  The city is home to several sports fields which are used for formal and informal athletic competitions. Independence also has its fair share of highly rated restaurants such as the  Ovenbird Bakery, Pink House Cafe, Carniceria Mi Casita. 

Homes for sale in Independence: 97351