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Corvallis Real Estate

Corvallis Neighborhood Guide

Corvallis is a warm and friendly city nestled in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. With a population of 54,998, Corvallis is one of the soundest and most diverse cities for children and families to live. Corvallis is a great place for young adults as well, located just 90 minutes from the Portland Metropolitan area, the mountains, and the Oregon coast. With environmentally-aware inhabitants, Corvallis has maintained its natural features, protected habitats, parks, and other outdoor recreation for you to enjoy by camping, hiking, biking, and shopping. Recognized as one of the top 10 places to live, Corvallis is home to Oregon State University and is the ideal town for students as well as families.

Corvallis is an economically strong and well-developed city that fosters local businesses and provides a wide selection of quality goods and services. With its beautiful late 1800’s architecture, downtown Corvallis is a primary shopping area and community gathering place, making it an attractive housing option. People who live in downtown Corvallis are drawn to the affordability, safety, convenience, and variety of the housing. People work, shop, socialize, and eat downtown making it a lively and inviting environment for any new locals. Downtown is in close proximity with Central Park, the Corvallis Art center, the Library, and the OSU campus. The downtown area provides support to the thriving local theatre of Corvallis and the local music scene. Corvallis is pedestrian and bicycle friendly making it easy to travel, and downtown Corvallis has a vibrant riverfront which includes a variety of restaurants, shops and walkways surrounded by green grass. The riverfront is frequently used for entertainment, such as concerts. Works of art including sculptures, paintings, murals and fountains enhances the beauty of the city.

Sports are at the heart of Corvallis due to the Beavers and the Corvallis Knights being located in the Corvallis community. There are many opportunities to both watch and play sports in Corvallis. Recreational facilities and parks support the growing demand for activities such as soccer, baseball, and softball. The city parks allow universal access for playing and participating in sporting events. Corvallis residents know how to embrace its natural beauty as well through hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, exploring covered bridges, wineries, and a multitude of parks around the entire city. With the variety of scenic areas, a mild climate, and close proximity to outdoor recreation, Corvallis is an ideal home for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Corvallis is rooted in education, high-tech industries, and a respect for diversity. Although Corvallis has been evolving into an urban cosmopolitan city it maintains the homey feel of a small town. You can find everything from quiet neighborhoods to friendly commercial districts. You won’t stay a stranger for long in Corvallis!

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