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Where is everyone headed now?👉🏻🏡

It seems that as a result of COVID, people are generally looking for more space.  That is causing a move from downtown areas, tight neighborhoods and condos out to the suburbs with larger yards and more room and homes with flexibility across the nation.  People want room for the puppy, to garden, to do their hobbies, and have their home offices and gyms by converting some of their garage.  They have a strong desire to be able to stay further from their neighbors, not share elevators, yards, and spaces either.

We had assumed this transition would take time to see come to fruition in the marketplace, but instead people are flocking to the listings offering more spacious yards, small acreages and 4 BR homes already!  We are dealing with multiple offers in most cases.  If you have a home that matches these features, it is a great time to sell.  We would be happy to give some guidance on getting ready for the market.

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