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Where are we heading now?

Did all that time cooped up at home give you pause to re-think your priorities? If so, you’re joining millions of others who are examining what’s important for their own house-life balance. What worked just months ago already seems worn out and non-functional. For many, a move towards smaller cities has already begun, where buyers can get more house and outdoor space for their money. Work from home has accelerated the trend towards ‘work from anywhere’. Condos and townhomes in urban areas will be traded in for single family homes, as lobbies and elevators are increasingly shunned. Flexibility reigns supreme as home uses have changed drastically.
Home offices are in need now more than ever

Space is now needed more than ever for home offices, gyms, relaxing and having fun while staying safe with the inner circle of people that matter most. Guest spaces for quarantining, such as finished basements, mother-in-law suites, and backyard guest houses are becoming hot commodities. With all that extra time at home, what used to be considered extras are now essential – huge patios, bonus rooms, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and even movie rooms all pull their weight in adding re-sale and livability value.

Even millennials recognize that their more nomadic concept of housing no longer serves them and the desire to purchase a home is manifesting like never before. We are also seeing those with means think more about conveniently-located second homes, like a hideaway on the coast or a cabin nestled in the Cascades. Does this ring true for you? The only future certainty is change, and it seems like it’s coming faster than ever before.

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