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What’s Trending in Home Design

Home construction trends have changed a lot over the years from wood paneling in the 50’s to the brass fixtures of the 90’s. Wondering what’s popular in home construction nowadays? Here are some current and upcoming trends to keep an eye out for.

Dining Room No More

For many years formal dining rooms were very popular but are now something that is rarely used by most homeowners. Instead of the formal dining room, more casual seating arrangements such as breakfast bars and built-in dining nooks are in style. Dining rooms are often repurposed into home offices and play areas for kids.

Smart Homes

Modern technology has had a significant influence on the building and renovation of homes. Smart technology such as ovens that you can turn on from your phone and lights that are voice-activated are becoming increasingly popular options for homeowners. While there are a considerable amount of after market options, new construction often has more integrated technology such as sensors that detect water leaks.

Play Areas

Having an established playroom for children is important for many families. This allows parents to contain clutter to one area of the house and have a safe area for their children to play. Being able to have a customized space that is child-safe with storage built-in and offers easy cleanup is a big bonus for families.

The Home Office

Due to recent events, home offices are becoming even more important. People are realizing the importance of having a dedicated workspace from home and are likely to prioritize this over the next few years. There may even be a rise in the popularity of outbuildings being installed outside the home that can serve as a home office, giving a completely separate area to work.

Which of these do you want in your home? Let us know in a comment below!

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