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Tips for Painting Your Home

With many people tackling DIY home renovations at the moment, you might find yourself considering repainting the inside of your home. This is a great way to give your home a refresh and have a project to keep you busy. To make sure your painting project is a success, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Measure First

To prevent yourself from having to go to the store twice, or making several online orders and waiting for your paint to arrive, measure the walls you are planning on painting. A can of paint can typically cover 400 square feet but this will vary depending on the type of paint you are using and what color you are painting over. To start, measure the width and height of the walls and multiply these measurements together to find the area. Don’t forget to measure your ceilings if you are repainting those as well!

Prepping Your Space

Before you start painting you’ll want to do a few things to prep your rooms. If there any holes in the walls from hanging pictures or anything else, patch these before painting. Make sure the area is clean of dust and cobwebs to prevent them from messing up your paint job. Remove outlet covers and light switch panels to ensure you won’t get paint on them. Finally, put down plastic on the floor to catch drips and tape off areas like door frames where you don’t want paint. When this is all done, put a coat of primer on the wall to coat everything before starting to paint.

Pick Your Color

Deciding on a paint color can be tricky! Take a look at what colors are already in the room that you like, such as from a colorful rug or accent pillows. Instead of having to deal with making a color palette yourself, you can use a website like where you insert one or more colors that are already in the room and hit a button to see what shades go with it. This is a great way to find a wall color that will complement the other design elements in the room. Once you’ve found a color, it’s time to pick a paint finish. Check out our handy infographic for a guide on which finish is best for different rooms!

Now it’s finally time to get painting! Happy DIYing.

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