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Tips for a Smooth Back-To-School Move-In Day

Tips for a Smooth Back-To-School Move-In Day

With the first day of school around the corner, Corvallis (and college towns nationwide) are preparing for the mass arrival of students moving into rental housing.

While a lease may begin at any time throughout the year, rental housing in our area tends to have the majority of leases starting at the same time in late summer or early fall, mirroring the academic calendar of Oregon State University and local schools.  For local property managers and investment property owners who self-manage, this means getting ready for hundreds of tenants collecting keys and moving in on the same day!

Developing efficient processes will help ensure that move-in day goes smoothly for tenants and management in your student rentals. So here are a few tips:


Getting your property rented out as soon as possible before school starts is critical. Once the term begins, it’s much harder to find tenants. You do not want to risk leaving your property vacant during prime rent-collecting months.

Student housing can get leased well before move-in day. It is common for students at Oregon State to start searching for housing in January for the following academic year.

College students are used to conducting business online and will expect the same from their property managers. This means you should have a great online presence, including advertising online, online rental applications, and offer online lease signing to make the process convenient and efficient for your student rentals. My experience was that my free Zillow listing had higher inquiry rates than Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist this year. Other local property managers post their 


Synonymous with back-to-school move-in day is the turnover season. With hundreds of tenants vacating their apartments in preparation for new occupancy, property managers & owners sometimes only have a week or two to get their units in make-ready condition.

Remind your tenants (in advance) about move-out expectations, the timeline for vacating their unit, and penalties for leaving a dirty or damaged property. Even though you have a security deposit to cover the cost of damages and cleaning, getting your tenants to do all the cleaning and maintaining the property throughout the year will have less work to do getting the unit ready for the next lease.

Ensure your move-out inspection paperwork is ready for an efficient walk-through, and your cleaning service and maintenance vendors can prioritize your property as needed.

To help you through the process, check these tips for a smooth tenant turnover.


Reach out to future tenants a couple of weeks before their lease will begin to remind them of move-in day requirements. Your communication should include what day their lease will start, what tenant funds (if any) are due on move-in day, what time, and where they can pick up the keys to their new home. If you manage multiple units with the same move-in day, you should remind future tenants that move-in day will be very busy and their preparation will help the day go smoothly for everyone. You should also remind them to set up utility accounts before moving in.


Campus rentals are a big step for college students transitioning from dorms into their very first apartment or rental home. Their inexperience may mean they require extra attention to ensure their success as a tenant at your property.  Put together welcome paperwork that restates property rules and gives tips on how to be a great tenant.    

First-time renters may also have a parent or two in tow, helping with the move and advocating for the best possible condition of their child’s rental unit. It is important to remember that parents are nervous and excited about their child’s first apartment, and may seem overbearing at times. Be prepared for emails, phone calls, or visits from concerned parents and develop a plan for how to respond to parent inquiries.


After a lifetime with the parents, or a year or two in the dorms, students that are moving out on their own for the first time may try to push the boundaries with parties or social gatherings that threaten to damage the property or disrupt other residents or neighbors. Stick to your lease and policies in regard to the number of guests and acceptable guest behavior, quiet hours, drinking and drug use, and how common areas may be used. Remind your tenants of your expectations and their legal agreement to uphold policies that encourage safety, accountability, and community respect.

Move-in day marks the official beginning of your tenants’ experience with your property. From day one they will be forming an impression of what it is like to rent from you and live at your property. A smooth move-in day will create a positive management-tenant relationship, building the foundation for long tenancy and future lease renewals. 

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