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    Spring Cleaning Tips!

    It’s been a wild year since the last time we all did spring cleaning. What can we do this year, that will help us prepare for the warmer weather ahead?

    Take a look at some helpful hints & tips!

    1- Upgrade your cleaning tools.

    2- Clean ceiling fans.

    3- Clean & disinfect refrigerator shelves.

    4- Empty the toaster of all loose crumbs (be sure to always unplug first).

    5- Replace sponges.

    6- Clean the coffee maker.

    7- Clean the microwave.

    8- Use old t-shirts to wipe down mirrors.

    9- Schedule a routine cleaning of your fireplace.

    10- Wash your pet’s bed.

    11- Disinfect your kitchen & bathroom garbage cans.

    12- Vacuum your bedroom mattresses.

    13- Toss throw pillows in the dryer (read manufacturer’s care instructions first)

    14- Don’t forget to clean both your cell phone & its case.

    15- Spring cleaning can even help you manage stress!

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