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Selling your home- A Better Way!

Knowing that 98% of buyers are online, does it make sense that how a home photographs and

is presented could make all the difference? Imagine that the more people that are attracted to

your home because of great images, means more showings and more potential offers. Doesn’t

it make sense that this scenario would lead to better offers?

Our team knows this. For this reason we hire the best photographers in the area, and create a

story about your home that is more compelling and attractive to buyers. We do not use every

photo as many agents do. You’ve seen them, dark shots where you can barely see what is in

the room, shots of bathrooms with the toilet front and center, wide angles where the home is so

distorted that it look like a huge yard and you get there to find something entirely different. Or

the obvious shots done with an old phone and not even edited to improve.

Our goal is to have fewer, better photos that really make your home shine in a lit up fashion so

that your buyer has instant love and recognizes their future home. We know what is important

after nearly 40 years of being in business and seeing what attracts and what sends buyers

another direction.

Videos and 3D tours are also great for getting an accurate picture of the home. We also offer

very accurate floor plans of all of our listings whether you have one available or not. We will

create one for you! It is a selling point and will bring the right buyers to you without unnecessary


This is just one of 11 ways the Sue Long Realty Group sells your home for more. Contact us to

hear the other ways we can help you get thousands more for your home.

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