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Re-Vitalize Your Home Office


Given the events of the last year, there are now more people working from home than ever before.

So it should be no surprise that people are looking for a whole new way to revitalize their home offices. Not only can redecorating provide a fun distraction from months of rainy quarantine, but there can be work benefits to it as well! One Real Estate Representative said the following:

“A well-designed home office helps curb distractions and inspire creativity,” she says. “The traditional office featuring built-in bookshelves with a dark wood interior is being replaced by a clutter-free space outfitted with simple furnishings and a neutral color palette.”

She points out that a dull office can actually drain a person’s energy and enthusiasm, which is why emphasizing interior design in these spaces is critical.

So what are our tips for imbuing your office with new vitality and visual appeal?


1. Maximalism is In!

Trends are turning away from all-gray designs and all-white rooms as people try to find ways to create visual interest. Now we are all about ways to increase comfort AND indulge the senses – light, color, texture, and touch. Use colorful throw pillows, bright accent walls, and fluffy rugs to breathe life into your space.

2. Incorporate a Natural Look

Now this doesn’t contradict our statement on maximalism – natural doesn’t mean “plain”! Find creative ways to utilize natural fibers in furniture, drapes, and decor to enhance warmth and tranquility. With all the extra time inside, we could use some extra “outdoors” in our lives.

3. Embrace the Open Air

Lighten and brighten your office by using window dressings that are sheer – or even non-existent. This is a strong design choice that can give any space the feeling of being outside.

4. Use Soothing Colors

The same colors that can add brightness and life to a room can also promote serenity and comfort. Opt for warm, soft hues like oranges and creamy yellows, or lean into serene feelings by using deep blues and greens.

5. Find (and then Hide) the Power

Use tech to your advantage by using things like high speed networks, wifi boosters, and wireless speakers. Not only does this help make your working environment more productive and seamless, but FUN, too! Just don’t forget to hide away cables and chunky power blocks to keep the room feeling open and organized.


Stay tuned for more monthly tips & tricks to turn your home into a dream space!


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