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Preparing Your Home for Fall

Having a routine for doing periodic maintenance on your home throughout the year is a great way to make sure your house is looking its best and doesn’t have any problems that need attention. Before winter freezes hit, consider following these tips to clean up your home in fall.

Making Leaf Cleanup Easier

Before leaves start falling off your deciduous trees, put tarps under them. Although you will likely still have some raking to do, the majority of the leaves will be on tarps which will make your job significantly easier. Also, be cautious about letting leaves accumulate in flower beds as they will become home to insects and other pests that may try to gain entry into your home. If you would like to use leaves to give an extra nutrient boost to your garden, use a tiller to mix them into the soil so pests can’t nest in them.

Unhook Hoses

You probably already know it is a good idea to unhook and drain hoses before temperatures drop below freezing. However, before doing this, consider doing some light cleaning such as hosing debris off the outside of your house and cleaning off your front porch and steps.

Ready Your Lawn

If your lawn tends to not drain water well in winter, you might want to think about aerating it. An easy way to do this is by renting a machine aerator which will break up the topsoil so water can easily drain through it. Additionally, aerating your soil will help your grass grow come spring. Once you are done with your other yard tasks, give your lawn one last mow. Using a mulching blade on your mower will deal with any leaves you have missed and give your lawn a final nutrient boost before winter.

Check the Roof

The last thing you want in winter is a leaky roof! Be sure to look for any damaged or missing shingles and have them repaired before it starts raining. For anyone that has flat roofs, rake or blow off leaves or other organic material that will trap moisture. While you are checking out the roof, make sure to clean out your gutters as well. If your gutters have blockages, they won’t drain water properly which could cause damage to your house.

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