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Pantry Organization Tips and Tricks

Pantries are must-haves for a great kitchen but they quickly become cluttered catch-alls for dry goods and miscellaneous kitchen items. Whether your pantry is cabinet space or a walk-in closet, there are many different ways that you can customize it to be organized and suit your needs.

Add Drawers and Baskets

In order to make the most use out of your space, shop around for some baskets that match your aesthetic. These are fantastic for putting on high, hard to reach shelves and down low to easily access these spaces. Whether you use them to store bulk goods, seldom used cooking appliances or baking supplies, this is a great way to maximize your space. For areas closer within arms reach, roll-out drawers are ideal for utilizing the full depth of your pantry as you can pull them out to see everything in them.

Try Clear Containers

Instead of having to hunt through cardboard boxes to find the ingredients you need, consider upgrading to clear containers. Clear containers allow you to see what is inside without needing to label, although you can also find opaque containers that you can add labels to if that more suits your style. Having the majority of your pantry items in similar containers, instead of individual bags and boxes, instantly gives a more polished look.

Lazy Susans

A lazy susan makes it easy to access things like spices, oils, and snacks without of losing these items in the back of your cabinet. They come in single or double-tiered units designed for a variety of needs, such as spices or cleaning supplies.

Tool and Utensil Storage

If your cabinets are overflowing with kitchen tools, a pantry is a great place to store them. For pots and pans, you could install hooks or a full pot rack to utilize any open wall space. Cooking appliances like mixers also often fit well on pantry shelves.

Utilize Doors

For pantries that have doors, hang organizers on the back of them for quick access to items like spices, canned goods, and oils. There are plenty of products designed specifically to fit these items, though you can get creative with an over the door shoe organizer or install small shelves yourself.

For more ideas on organizing your entire kitchen, we love Martha Stewart’s website. Check it out:

Another great resource is Classy Clutter. Classy Clutter has great ideas for keeping organization looking great!

Do you have any pantry organizing tips? Let us know below!

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