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Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Outdoor kitchens give you a great excuse to spend more time outdoors and they can also be an excellent investment! A study done by Absolute Outdoor Kitchens found that they average a 100-200% return on investment. Outdoor kitchens are also highly customizable to your needs and make a great focal point and entertainment space.

Accessible Food Prep

While having an outdoor cooking space is great, in order to get the most out of your space make sure that there is space to prepare your food as well. You are much more likely to use your outdoor kitchen when it has items like a cutting board to chop up your food, a sink to provide easy cleanup, and a mini-fridge to keep ingredients fresh.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

A very popular trend has been to incorporate interior design elements of your home to the outdoor space and making them feel like one connected space. A great way to do this is to add roofing and a patio that connects to your home with easy access to inside and outside. Bring in design elements like countertop and flooring materials that have the same style as the inside of your home to make a cohesive feeling space.

Seating Areas

With the kitchen as your focal area, plan seating areas around it to maximize the space for everyday enjoyment. Consider bar seating attached to your kitchen countertop for easy entertainment with friends and family while working in the kitchen. If you are designing an outdoor living room with big couches, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to add some charm and warmth on chilly nights.

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