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Lighting Trends 2023

Lighting Trends 2023

  1. Lighting can be design focal point
    1. According to Ian Cameron, creative director at Cameron Design House, homeowners want unique and impactful pieces for their homes. They’re looking for daring and innovative designs, especially in lighting, to create visually stunning focal points that challenge convention and double as art forms. Your choice of lighting can beautifully combine different shapes, materials, and colors to elevate your space with a modern and visually engaging look.
  2. Structured lights
    1. In 2023, the trend of using lighting as a central design element continues. Many of us will integrate striking sculptural lights into our spaces to bring artistic beauty to rooms. Ian Cameron suggests that incorporating sculptural lighting with organic shapes inspired by nature can infuse interiors with a soothing and fluid quality. Designs inspired by natural elements like water’s graceful flow and mountain ranges’ captivating silhouettes will remain a sought-after trend for home decor.
  3. Beautifully bespoke designs
    1. In 2023, expect tailored lighting designs that suit our interiors, providing a personal touch. When going for custom carpentry, plan for internal wiring from the start. This way, lights can be integrated into the structure, avoiding messy cords from standalone lamps. Designer Sarah Brown’s unique creation—a custom pink shelving unit with stylish details—illustrates the idea of layering for an engaging room. The look is completed with eye-catching decorative elements, including patterned shades on the sconce and mantelpiece lamp, resulting in an eclectic and textured bespoke design.
  4. Ambience lighting
    1. Layered lighting, including table lamps, candles, and fairy lights, creates inviting home environments for relaxation. Piero de Marchis from Detail Lighting explains that setting the mood with ambient lighting is crucial. Homeowners now focus on both function and emotional impact in design. From adaptable technology to concealed spotlights, enhancing the atmosphere remains vital in 2023—especially in spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, and open-plan kitchens.
  5. Smart lights
    1. As technology and lighting design evolve, smart lighting is becoming prevalent in homes. Piero de Marchis highlights the rising need for adaptable lighting in multifunctional spaces. These designs, like motion-sensing and voice-activated lights, enhance uniqueness and functionality while saving energy. Chris Pask from Charlton Brown predicts a surge in demand for color-controlled lighting in 2023. This technology replicates natural light shifts, such as morning blues and afternoon warmth, as seen in artificial skylights.
  6. Colorful combinations
    1. As minimalism loses favor in 2022, more people are embracing maximalist interior designs. This style incorporates individuality, authenticity, and vibrant elements like color, pattern, and texture. Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens’ global editor in chief, notes the popularity of colorful table lamps with unique bases and patterned shades in 2022. This trend is set to continue into 2023. By mixing various light sources, such as pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps, each with their distinct style and color, you can create a layered lighting effect that adds warmth and uniqueness to your space.
  7. Oversized pendants/formations
    1. Ian Cameron from Cameron Design House says, ‘in 2023, lighting will be the focal point of any room design, with beautifully crafted, oversized and extravagant light fittings taking center stage – large and sculptural formations are here to stay.’ Whether you want to zone a cozy seating area, like above, or simply want to match the scale and size of a room, an oversized pendant can not only efficiently illuminate a space, it can establish a beautiful design statement.
  8. Unique materials
    1. Ed O’Donnell from Angel O’Donnell expects striking lighting designs with unique materials to become focal points in homes. In 2023, lighting trends embrace distinct materials like wicker, rattan, metal, and concrete, aiming for a standout effect. Ian Cameron highlights mirrored brass as a 2023 trend, reminiscent of Art Deco, adding opulence and modern elegance. The Torsa light, for instance, features suspended brass discs for a dynamic play of angles and light reflection.

Are pendants or traditional chandeliers out of style?

No, because both of these pieces are not only classics but are timeless with the pendant’s versatility  and the chandeliers’ elegance. They are here to stay because both of these fixtures can work in multiple types of settings. 

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