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    Sue’s Journey: Is Real Estate 🏡 for You?

    Who knew when I graduated from college to go into dietetics, that I would one day be a Realtor?  Turns out most people do not plan from youth to do real estate but just morph into the field, many times as a second career classically from teaching or the military.  I was pregnant with my youngest and had a ton of energy in my second trimester so took real estate classes and showed up to apply for a position with a very bulging midriff.
    I had 2 other children at home ages 3 and 4 so not a lot of time to devote to this new career but nevertheless, I learned the ropes and did some sales so that when all 3 were in school and I had more time to devote, the market was better and the rest is history.

    So why real estate?

    1) It allowed me to work flexible hours rather than 9-5,  so less sitter time, and more time with the kids.
    2)Working for myself rewarded working harder and smarter rather than a set monthly income.
    3) Social relationships are what counts as well as serving the customer, which was pleasing.
    4) Knowledge of housing, legal issues, and complexities of construction and home repair issues challenged me daily.
    5) Deciding family/life/career balance kept me on my toes and created independence in my children which has served them well since childhood.
    6) Real estate investing was a goal and being more knowledgeable about the process and potential issues have been fulfilling.
    If you have similar goals and see some advantages of this career for you, I would love to discuss it more with you!
    Let’s toast to new and untold adventures for 2021…

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