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Ideas to Transform Your Patio

Since you’re probably spending more time at home these days, why not create an inviting, outdoor escape on your patio? You don’t need an expansive backyard to create a space to relax, with the right planning even a small space can become an outdoor oasis!

Design the Seating Area

In order to enjoy your outdoor space, you’re going to want a comfortable space to sit. Outdoor furniture sets with cushions create an inviting space and add extra comfort, however you will have to bring in the cushions come bad weather. Metal seating and benches are a great alternative, and you can always put cushions out in summertime if you would like. If you want a space to work on your computer or have a meal, a small table that you can pull up your chair to is a great idea. Or, you can go all out with a dining table that can fit the whole family!


To add a pop of color and style, an outdoor rug is a great choice. Another fun idea is to put down patterned pavers. If you have tile inside the home, consider shopping around for some pavers that have a similar look to create a cohesive, indoor-outdoor feel. For wood decks that have seen better days, now is as good of time as any to give it a refinish.

Create a Focal Point

There are a variety of options to choose from when considering what kind of focal point you would like. A popular one is a fire pit as they provide heat on cooler nights and provide extra ambiance. A focal point could also be as simple as a small statue on your outdoor table or a vase of flowers. Visually appealing pieces of furniture, such as a unique bench or some cool pillows are also popular. You may also want to think about putting up an interesting space divider or use curtains to add an additional appealing design aspect.

Outdoor Lighting

Ensure you can spend time out on your patio past sunset with exterior lighting. Beyond allowing you to be out on your patio any time of day, lighting can be a great design feature. String lights are an attractive choice when used in combination with brighter lighting fixtures. Try stringing them so they go across the seating area, which helps to define the space and add a little extra lighting. There are even outdoor chandeliers if you are wanting to add a touch of luxury.

Design Tips

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