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Supporting Local Businesses

Many small businesses are at risk of going under in the next few months as their supporters are faced with reduced incomes and are staying at home. It can be tricky during times like these figuring out how to support your community, but there are several options available to help keep local businesses up and running.

Corvallis Culinary Connections

If you’re local to the Benton County area, check out the Facebook group Corvallis Culinary Connections. This group was created to share restaurants that are offering takeouts, delivery, and special hours during COVID-19. With grocery stores running low and small businesses struggling to stay open, now is a great time to support restaurants in your area!

Utilize Delivery Services

Many of your favorite small businesses, whether it be a family-owned hardware store or eat-in restaurant, are offering delivery services. In some states, this is their only option to (figuratively) keep their doors open as they can’t let customers in their store. Some businesses are offering curbside pickup for lower costs as well. As an added bonus, tip generously when you can. Many of the employees that are working these stores are facing reduced hours and every dollar helps them through these stressful times.

Buy Gift Cards

Most businesses allow you to purchase gift certificates online, or over the phone, which gives them cash now and allows you to spend the card when you are in need of something from that store. They also make great gifts to friends and family, particularly when they are in times of need.

Donate Refunds

If an event you bought tickets for is canceled and you are getting your money back, consider donating your refund. Many small event venues are taking donations as they struggle to stay afloat, and you can also donate the money to nonprofits. Charitable organizations are struggling right now as their services are in need now more than ever and they aren’t receiving many donations.

Spread the Word

You can still help local businesses even if you aren’t able to shop. Try sharing their posts on social media and actively engaging with them to show your support. If you want to get even more involved, take a picture with a product from their store and tag them in it. Tell your friends about your favorite small businesses and remind them to shop locally.

Finally, don’t forget to be considerate. Be courteous to other shoppers through these tough times, maintain safe distances, and only buy what you need.

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