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How Long Does it Really Take to Sell?

If you are considering a move next year, now is the time to start getting ready. No, don’t worry about cleaning the oven or getting the cobwebs down this early. But it’s time to look at your home like a buyer does. Unfortunately, that is virtually impossible for someone who has lived there for a time. A seasoned real estate agent can tell you what you will need to do over the next year to get the house ready for the beauty contest that will happen when buyers come through. We work with lots of buyers and know what they are looking for. We can help with ideas for colors, changing out counters, fixtures, etc, if needed. We know the contractors that give the biggest bang for your dollars and I even help with resources for thinning out, finding homes for your things that you no longer need, etc. Check in with us early in the game and you can peacefully work on projects over the next year so it all comes together at the best timing for you and potentially best prices for the changes you may want to make. Even if you don’t end up selling, you have a fresher house to live in, right?

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