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Gifts From Your Heart- it Costs Less and Means So Much More!

Giving of yourself—in the form of your time and energy—touches

the heart of loved ones and, if you’re trying to  save money , go

green, or both, it’s a win-win.

Besides pet rocks and bouquets gathered from your garden, here

are lots of other good ideas that take more thought than gathering

items from the mall that are often not appreciated the way you

thought they would be…

What is an experience that you could share? Set a date to get

together for coffee or meet regularly every week or month. My

husband and I used to meet every Wed for lunch during our work

days so that we had time away from the kids to just get away and

be together to talk, plan, reminisce and share. Any anticipation of

a good time is something to enjoy!

Regift something you think a friend or family member would

enjoy. Maybe a good book you have, an item that you are not

really using that you bought with good intentions or a nice vase or

photo frame that you never got around to using as it was the

wrong size but is so chic.

Speaking of photo frames, choose a great photo you have come

across or dig out to share in a nice frame to enjoy great memories

and create more camaraderie.

Does everyone ask for the secret to your chocolate chunk

cheesecake? Maybe a friend would love the recipe for Grandma’s

vodka pasta sauce. Use recipe cards to write down instructions for

making your legendary dishes—or compile them in a booklet or

scrapbook—for a gift any foodie would treasure. Of course

preparing a favorite dish and delivering to the right person is

another option for enjoyment. Or a mix of items put together in a

mason jar or cute box that is a meal or dish to prepare easily with

all the ingredients at their fingertips.

A music mixtape of some of your favorites that a friend or family

member would enjoy is another thoughtful and heartfelt idea. It

can be payed over and over and provides warm feelings of caring.

A houseplant can be a great gift for the right person. Or put

together an art supply box or an exercise items box for just the

right folks in your life.

Create an inspiration by gifting a blank book that you have

embellished with inspirational quotes on several pages.

One of my favorites for kids to create is a coupon book for family

members offering to be of help in certain ways that can be

redeemed by the recipient such as do the dishes for a week, clean

off all of the bookshelves and books, take out the garbage for a

month, or clean mom’s car inside and out. Also house-sitting or

pet-sitting can be well-received.

Make this a Christmas filled with love and joy without spending a

fortune. Your time and thoughtfulness will be greatly


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