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Designing the Small Bathroom

With recent trends showing that homes are getting smaller, bathrooms are also shrinking in size. Designing or redoing bathrooms can be tricky enough, let alone in a small space when you are trying to fit a toilet, sink, and shower while ensuring everything is up to code.  Read on for some tips on how you can make (or create the appearance of) more space in small bathrooms.

The Sink

Having a traditional sink in your bathroom will take up a lot of space, but luckily there are a range of different designs that may match the space better. Consider a corner sink, rounded vanity, or a trough sink to keep it out of the way. Additionally, lifting the vanity up so it is floating above the floor a few inches (like the picture above) will help create the appearance of more space without completely getting rid of under-sink storage.

The Shower

Using a glass door that swings open will significantly cut into your bathroom space. Instead, a shower curtain is an affordable alternative. If you like the look of glass, another option is to install a panel of glass just by the shower head as this will keep most of the water inside the shower (see above picture). Towel racks also take up valuable wall space so mounting them on the back of your bathroom door will help to make better use of the space.

The Floor

When using tile, look for bigger tiles (and if you’re using vinyl to imitate the look of tile, the same applies). Big tiles will give the appearance of a larger space, as well as having the bonus of less grout and being easier to clean.

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