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Cut Down on Clutter

Close up of an orange bin filled with an assortment of kids books and toys

Here are 7 easy ways to cut down on clutter after the holiday season:

1. Don’t keep it just because it is sentimental – It can be hard to leave behind things that have emotional significance, but the reality is that we don’t take the time to stop and appreciate these objects like we think we will, and they end up lying around for years taking up space. Our advice? Take a picture of it and then get rid of it!

2. Donate on a regular basis – Have a donation box accessible at all times, and put things in it liberally. Don’t wait for the day when that one shirt fits just right again – donate it and let someone else enjoy it.

3. Don’t go shopping – If you go to the store with extra money, you will buy things. Limit shopping trips to only the essentials, and try to bring only as much money as you actually need to spend.

4. Use/Refurbish what you already have – Get creative and recycle the old, rather than buying something new. Not only is this environmentally friendly and budget friendly, but upcycling furniture is also very in-style right now! Just remember – a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

5. Set a “deadline for use” – If you’re hesitant about getting rid of something, store it in a special place and set a deadline that you need to use it by in order to justify keeping it. Hang that fancy cocktail dress front and center in your closet for six months. If you haven’t used it by the time the six months are up, then it’s time to donate/toss it.

6. Keep a gift list – Really want something that you don’t actually need? Put it on a gift list and let someone else get it for you. This limits your influx of random stuff to just a few occasions a year. And remember when receiving gifts to follow this next rule:

7. One thing in, One thing out – Be intentional about removing an item every time you bring something new into your home. Not only does this create a limit for how many things you have, but it also makes you think about whether or not you really need something.


If you’d like more detailed information about downsizing your belongings, please ask about our next downsizing seminar!

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