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The Future of Zero-Energy Homes

Today there are over 6000 dwellings in the US and Canada that are considered to be zero-energy! This means a home that relies on efficiency in energy conservation while creating renewable energy to meet heating, cooling and other energy needs. It is the wave of the future and getting more and more attention. California has pledged to have all new home construction adhere to these net-zero specs by 2020. “Going Green” is being taken to an all new level, where solar energy is connected to the grid so that excess can be used as needed later, meeting at least 90% of all energy needs! It is extremely popular, as people are tired of paying higher and higher utility bills and being reliant on foreign oil. The future looks bright!  The question is how close to this energy efficiency is your home? Call us to see what you can do to decrease your homes energy output today.



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