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CloudHQ Email Templates

CloudHQ Email Template Add-On….Have you tried it?

We have a new tool we have been using that we would love to tell you about! The CloudHQ add-on for Gmail. We have used Gmail canned email templates for years but recently came across the CloudHQ option. There are several things we like about it! It is actually easier to access than the Gmail templates, which was a real pleasant surprise. We were able to build out very professional-looking emails with our logo and other images as they were applicable to the email topic.

Another major benefit we have enjoyed is being able to add sections that include instructions for our team using the emails. This has been great for operations, it helps in fewer errors when sending emails out to clients, as we include reminders to update certain sections of the email before sending and to change the subject line, etc. This process has really helped us ensure that we are getting the necessary information out to our clients, while we also are able to cater to their specific needs. This also enabled us to name the templates in a way that made it quicker to find the template we were looking for, instead of using the subject as the name of the email template. It really helps us save time in finding what we are looking for.

We also love that we can connect our Mailchimp account. That really took the design aspect to another level. We can do even more in Mailchimp and make things look even more professional. We really feel that our emails get noticed and read much more this way. They stand out to our clients, and they remember that we have gone above and beyond to make sure they receive important information.

Once you have a design you like, it is really easy to duplicate and change things as needed. This worked great for us, as we are really looking to create a consistent brand look and make sure that a client sees our email pop in their inbox and they know that they are getting an important update on their transaction.

You can even instill a Gmail add-on so that you can use your templates from your mobile phone! We haven’t tried this option yet, but we are really intrigued by it! If you have tried it, let us know!

You can check out their products at:

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