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    Ryan’s Investment Corner

    By Sue Long | January 20, 2023

    Ryan’s Investment Corner Screening residential tenants in Oregon is an important step in ensuring that you find a responsible and reliable tenant for your property. The best way to screen tenants is to follow a consistent and thorough process that includes gathering information, verifying it, and making a decision based on the information you have... Read More

    2022 Veteran Discounts in the Mid-Willamette Valley!

    By Sue Long | November 7, 2022

    The Sue Long Realty Group is a Veteran-Owned business and continues to support and honor our Veterans Did you know that Albany hosts the largest Veterans Day parade West of the Mississippi? Be sure to stop by and join on the fun! Albany Veterans Day Parade. Nov 11, 11:00AM at Albany, Oregon, Historic Downtown Albany.... Read More

    8 Popular Home Design Features for 2022

    By Sue Long | April 25, 2022

    8 Popular Home Design Features for 2022 There’s a lot to consider when selling your home, from the market and appraisals to where you’ll go next. Don’t forget, however, that design is also a key factor. It’s often one of the first things buyers notice when they walk into a home, and it’s also a... Read More

    Spring Cleaning Tips!

    By Sue Long | April 21, 2021

    It’s been a wild year since the last time we all did spring cleaning. What can we do this year, that will help us prepare for the warmer weather ahead? Take a look at some helpful hints & tips! 1- Upgrade your cleaning tools. 2- Clean ceiling fans. 3- Clean & disinfect refrigerator shelves. 4-... Read More

    3 Essential Books on Real Estate Investing

    By Sue Long | April 19, 2021

    One of the best ways to become an expert at anything is to learn from the people who do it the best! Becoming an expert at investing in real estate is no different. Here are the three books that have made the biggest difference for me throughout my real estate career: 1. The Book on... Read More

    Will Prices Continue to Rise?

    By Sue Long | March 9, 2021

    Home prices have continued to rise in 2021, due to a number of different factors. But can this trend continue? There are signs that the market may begin to shift soon – here is what you need to know: 1. Interest Rates Have Started to Rise: Though the increase has been minimal thus far, this... Read More

    Organizing Your Garage for Maximum Winter Enjoyment

    By Sue Long | January 18, 2021

    If you would have told us a year ago that we’d be looking at our garages for the next semi-outdoor, socially-distanced meeting place to socialize with family and friends, we probably would have cast you off as crazy. Yet here we are, and even though the calendars say 2021, the rest of winter is going... Read More

    Seller Success Stories of 2020

    By Sue Long | January 5, 2021

    Sometimes it isn’t just about selling your house, but about making a lifestyle change for the better. We are so thankful for each of our seller’s successes. Here are some of the biggest wins of 2020! Tracy and Garrett: Couldn’t get an offer accepted while having a contingency to sell their home. They eventually made... Read More

    Sue’s Journey: Is Real Estate 🏡 for You?

    By Sue Long | December 31, 2020

    Who knew when I graduated from college to go into dietetics, that I would one day be a Realtor?  Turns out most people do not plan from youth to do real estate but just morph into the field, many times as a second career classically from teaching or the military.  I was pregnant with my... Read More

    Clean Home, Happy Home!

    By Sue Long | December 30, 2020

    Home Cleanliness is a Vital Investment Have you ever walked into someone’s house and thought “I would love to live in a house like this”? Chances are, you have stepped into a well-maintained home. The home is not necessarily new, but judging by its overall appearance, it might as well have been. The most inexpensive... Read More