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    Can One Agent Really Help More Than Another?

    If every agent were the same no matter how much training, experience or how sharp they were, you could likely do as well selling yourself, right?

    Turns out there are some things that show success. You are paying for the service and should get your money’s worth, right?

    You want these 4 attributes:

    Experience: Competence comes from continuous learning and many transactions situations
    Service Orientation: Great agents always want to help and give you the best possible experience
    Communication: Of utmost importance when you are likely spending the most money ever. Updates and clear expectations are critical
    Reputation: If other people say they had great service, communication and the best honest experience, you can feel good about your choice

    Many great reviews are what you are looking for to have confidence in honesty, experience, communication skills, value and service given to customers.

    “ Success leaves clues”…

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