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Advice for Remodeling

It is easy to walk through your home and come up with a laundry list of items you would like to redo, however, most people underestimate the difficulty of remodeling. Often times what may seem like a simple remodeling project can turn into a gargantuan task as problems arise during the process. Although the end result may be worth it, consider these tips to prevent remodeling remorse.


While it may seem tempting to jump into a renovation project full force, it is a good idea to split it up into smaller tasks. Start with the most pressing issues, such as replacing a heating unit before winter hits, and then move to less time sensitive projects. Additionally, since surprises often pop up during the renovation process, focusing on one project at a time will help you allocate your budget to fix any problems that surface. When planning out a remodel I also recommend budgeting for costs to be 20-25% more than what you expect.

Be Realistic

When you are redoing a house, realize a lot of dirt, debris, and odors will be present. It can be difficult to live in your home while work is being done due to noise and fumes. You will want to protect your belongings, whether that means packing them away in boxes or using protective sheets. Contractors will do their best to keep things clean, but ultimately, there is only so much that they can do.

Find the Right Contractor

Hiring a reputable contractor that will get the project done efficiently and within your budget is absolutely vital. Throughout the process, it is also important to communicate with your contractors. You will want to check in and see how everything is progressing. It is always easier to catch a small issue at the beginning of a project before it becomes more of a problem.

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